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Emergency Measures

Instructor: Sally Melville       Class Capacity: 24
Class Level: Beyond beginner to advanced      

Description ~ Emergency Measures

Sometimes the most insight comes from the struggle one faces when something goes REALLY wrong. But there are remedies for most any kind of 'disaster' in knitting. Using these can turn a problem into a wearable garment while teaching us to be more intuitive and more confident knitters!

This workshop will discuss the problems that confront most knitters plus what to do if the garment is too wide, too short, too long, too narrow, too outdated in style, if a bad color choice was made, if the edgings are not holding well, if the knitter has run out of yarn or forgot to make pockets, or if the garment has suffered a laundering disaster.

Materials Needed ~ Emergency Measures

Student Supplies Needed:

  • * more homework yarn
  • * homework

Homework ~ Emergency Measures

Use non-textured, light-coloured yarns. Worsted weight is best. Block swatch well.

Work a 4" wide swatch in Stockinette until the piece measures 3" in length: work 1 row in a 2X2 color pattern (2 stitches in MC then 2 stitches CC, carrying the alternate color behind, for 1 row only): cut CC: with MC only and work in stockinette for 1”: Work 1x1 rib for 1", then bind off very loosley.