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Making the Gradient

Instructor: Gwen Bortner       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Easy/Beginner      

Description ~ Making the Gradient

For most knitters, the thought of picking up stitches is not a happy one. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a few hints, a couple of tricks, and a little bit of practice, picking up stitches can become no more of a worry than casting on or binding off. Come to class to learn the trick to creating a smooth, even line along your picked-up edge. Discover the secret to ensuring that your picked-up edging matches perfectly with the rest of the fabric (no pulls or bulges). Practice the surprisingly simple technique for making a picked-up edging almost perfectly reversible. Everyone appreciates a perfectly picked-up, beautiful edging. Now you can pick up perfectly too! The Perfect Pick-up is a good class to have prior to taking Entrelac Basics.

Materials Needed ~ Making the Gradient

  • 1 oz of DK or worsted weight yarn in 2 contrasting colors (please bring the same yarn for both colors)
  • knitting needles in a size appropriate for the yarn selected
  • homework swatches

Homework ~ Making the Gradient

With the lighter colored yarn listed below, CO 15 sts, work in Stockinette stitch for 40 rows. BO all sts. With the lighter colored yarn listed below, CO 15 sts, work in Garter stitch for 40 rows, slipping the first stitch of each row. BO all sts.