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Pick-Up Artist

Instructor: Marie Greene       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Intermediate      

Description ~ Pick-Up Artist

Join us for Marie's mind-blowing sweater finishing class – you will learn her unique, renegade finishing methods that you'll not see anywhere else. This exciting technique-driven class will teach you a wide variety of finishing methods that you'll use time and time again (and Marie will have you laughing all along the way). Time and again her students say this is the best knitting class they've ever taken. One thing's for sure – you'll ever dread finishing again! You'll learn:


  • Marie's formula for button band stitches
  • An untraditional approach to picking up stitches (with amazing results!)
  • Three techniques for getting a better neckline on your sweaters
  • Techniques for closing seams easily
  • How finishing can change your fit (for better or worse)
  • Why finishing starts when you cast on
  • And so much more!

Materials Needed ~ Pick-Up Artist

  1. DK or light worsted weight yarn in two colors – one light, one medium tone (to ensure your success, please do not bring black, navy or any dark colored yarn)*
  2. US Size 6/4mm knitting needle (24”/60 cm) – sharp tips
  3. US Size 4/3.5mm knitting needle (24”/ 60 cm) – sharp tips
  4. Size E crochet hook (pointier/contoured tip is helpful)
  5. Darning needle
  6. Please complete homework listed below and bring to class
  7. Bring your regular knitting notions

*Note: Please bring quality yarn that is light in color, not prone to splitting, and is yarn that you would enjoy knitting and learning with. Poor quality yarn interferes with the learning process and creates a frustrating experience for students. Marie wants your learning experience to be fun and enlightening, so please bring quality yarn (i.e. bring yarn you could envision knitting a sweater with).

Homework ~ Pick-Up Artist

  1. Swatch: Using your preferred cast-on method, and the same yarn/needle combination you will be bringing to class,cast on 30 stitches. Knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows (working in stockinette stitch) until swatch measures 5 in/12.5 cm tall. Do not add garter stitch edges – this should be a square of stockinette stitch only. Block your swatch flat prior to class. Note: This swatch will be doing double duty and may be reused for the swatch requirement for other classes on our cruise.
  2. With US Size 6/4mm needles and same yarn you are bringing to class, cast on 7 stitches using cable cast-on method

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Repeat rows 1 and 2 once more.

Row 5: Use cable cast-on method to cast on 3 st knit-wise at the start of this row, knit to end (including newly cast-on stitches).

Row 6: Purl

Rep rows 5 and 6 two more times.

Next row: Use cable cast-on method to cast on 9 stitches knit-wise at the start of this row, knit to end (including newly cast-on stitches) = 25 stitches

Next row: Purl

Work three inches in stockinette and bind off.