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Stanley, Falkland Islands


Stanley is the only true town in the Falkland Islands and is also one of the most remote and smallest capitals in the world. The islands are windswept, treeless and boggy, which lends itself to a perfect setting for the many colonies of Penguins, including Gentoo, King and Magellenic penguins. Because the winds and seas around Port Stanley are so fierce, about only half of the cruise ships scheduled to stop actually make it. With the rough seas hampering even the navigation of the tenders, it's not surprising that the harbor and surrounding areas have more shipwrecks than any other harbor in the world. When the tide is out, you can see up to 20 hulls of shipwrecks from the 19th century shipping trade.

The town itself has a British feel, with extremely friendly locals who are always happy to stop and talk. Geographically, the Falklands are part of Patagonia, even though they are located 300 miles from Argentina. In 1982, Argentina waged a war to try to claim the islands and were defeated after 74 days. Under British rule since the mid 1800's, the Falklands remain under Brritish rule today.

Port Orientation

Cruise ships anchor in the harbor if the wind does not keep them from entering the harbor and passengers are tendered to the Jetty, which is in the center of town across the street from the Visitor's Center..


With such a small town that boasts no stop lights, travel on foot is the preferred method. Although the docks are easily accessible to most, wheelchair guests may have trouble getting off and on the ship due to the rough seas.


As the southernmost cathedral in the whorl, Anglican Christ Church Cathedral with its whalebone arch is not to be missed. The arch was given to the Falklands in 1933 from South Georgia as part of British centennial celebration. To get a good feel for life on the island, visit the Britannia House Museum which also displays historic artifacts and a small exhibit on the 1982 conflict. Perhaps the most fascinating for most are the large numbers of penguins and different species of birds. Take a walk to the restored lighthouse and marvel at the albatross, hawks, grebes, petrels, Falkland pipit, Magellenic snipe and Peregrine falcons along the way.

Average Temperature

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Average High Temperature

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Average Precipitation

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