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Icelandic Sweater Class

Instructor: Kristin Drysdale       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Beginner through Advanced.      

Description ~ Icelandic Sweater Class

Icelandic Sweaters use big needles and fat yarn, so they knit up quickly, and you can easily knit a sweater during sailing time on a cruise. It's the perfect souvenir. Knitters can knit their choice of sweater from The Nordic Knitting Primer. Sweater options for this class are Haakon, Maja, Greta, Little Greta, and Larsdatter. Haakon and Maja are the easiest sweaters, Larsdatter requires catching floats, and Greta and Little Greta require float catching and occasionally three colors at once. This class is for everyone. Knitters new to colorwork can easily knit Haakon or Maja, and more experienced knitters can increase their colorwork skills by knitting with three colors.

Materials Needed ~ Icelandic Sweater Class

Materials will be supplied after class registration

Homework ~ Icelandic Sweater Class

Homework will be supplied after class registration