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Interpreting NZ Maori Patterns in Knitting

Instructor: Chris Bylsma       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: All Welcome      

Description ~ Interpreting NZ Maori Patterns in Knitting

The Maori are known for their beautiful weavings and patterns using just flax plants. Surely we can do the same with yarn and needles? Note the beautiful artwork of the Council House at Te Puia while in Rotorua for inspiration. Armed with photos, graph paper and yarn and needles we will explore what those designs could look like in knitting. There is homework between the two class sessions giving students the opportunity to put some beautiful Maori designs on their needles.  In part two students will collaborate as a group about how to best use their designs. We will all share what we have designed and toss around ides for how they should/could be used. The sky is the limit to what we may create! 

Materials Needed ~ Interpreting NZ Maori Patterns in Knitting

Smooth, light-colored worsted or Aran weight yarn in two or more colors and appropriate needles, scissors, blunt-tip tapestry needle, writing materials, sense of adventure.

Homework ~ Interpreting NZ Maori Patterns in Knitting

Observe and photograph Maori culture designs on our travels and for part two bring swatches or charted Maori designs.