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The Art of Keeping A Knitting Journal

Instructor: Alissa Barton       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: All knitters      

Description ~ The Art of Keeping A Knitting Journal

How many of us have projects languishing in the back of the closet because we have lost our way, forgotten or lost the pattern, the needles are gone or stitches dropped. Consider a knitting journal to be the Captain's Log - it can be as detailed or decorative as you wish, but the main purpose is to keep track of what you have done. A love note to your future self, if you will. Having detailed notes has saved many a knitter's bacon, but how do you know what to record? Alissa will provide a template sheet as well as show examples and hints on how to tailor your journal to your own needs. This workshop will prove to be indispensable to all of your future knitting projects and it will be entertaining so we encourage everyone to sign up.

Materials Needed ~ The Art of Keeping A Knitting Journal

I suggest a hardbound journal. (I like a Leuchtturm1917 dot journal, but any kind of blank or lined journal will do.) Colorful pens

Homework ~ The Art of Keeping A Knitting Journal