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12-Day ~ China Yangtze River w/ Lily Chin (October 2011)

Viking River Cruises

Start Date:


October 2, 2011


End Date:


October 13, 2011

China Yangtze River w/ Lily Chin (October 2011) ~ Crocheting Cruises Description

Viking River Cruises is dedicated to elegance, competence, quality, and commitment to excellence so it is no wonder Viking is considered the premier river cruise company in the world! Combine that with the spectacular country of China, which is modern yet traditional and you will find a great mixture of the old and new.

This phenomenal itinerary presents China’s key highlights in just 12 days. In Beijing, explore historic imperial treasures like The Forbidden City, Great Wall and famed Summer Palace, and walk through Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest public venue. Cruise the legendary Yangtze between Chongqing and Wuhan through the wildly beautiful Three Gorges and mystical Lesser Gorges. You will also tour the Three Gorges Dam, an engineering marvel changing the face of China. Visit Xian and stare into the faces of thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors. Explore cosmopolitan Shanghai, China’s most cutting-edge, modern city.

Before departing Beijing for the Yangtze River, enjoy a full three days exploring this absolutely stunning city that dazzles all who visit. The sights and sounds satisfy even the most seasoned traveler and the yarn shopping is out of this world.

There is so much to see including most impressive and best-preserved sections of the Great Wall of China. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Wall is a 4,000-mile-long series of sandstone and earthwork fortifications built and maintained between the 5th century B.C. and the 16th century A.D. Or perhaps a walk along the Sacred Way, a tree-lined avenue guarded by massive sculptures of elephants, lions and camels leading to the Ming Dynasty tombs interests you. The Forbidden City, summer palace and Tiananamen Square, The Hutong as well as the Olympic site are also popular tourist attractions.

Besides being able to travel with the marvelous Lily Chin, look forward to seeing the sites with a tour guide provided by Viking River Cruises. You will be able to take in all the sites as well as find some of the best yarn shops China has to offer. Since China is a crocheting and knitting culture where handcrafts of all types are found everywhere, you will be delighted in the selection of high quality, inexpensive yarns. Cashmere, Barn Yak, silks, bamboo and other luxurious blends can be found at a fraction of the cost of yarns at home.

From Beijing you will fly to Xian, a vital city to the Tang Dynasty which controlled a magnificent cultural period from 618 to 907 A.D. Once back in Xian, experience the historic grandeur of the era as you dine surrounded by its traditional song and dance.

Take the morning in Xian to tour the mausoleum where Emperor Qin Shi Huang was laid to rest over 2,000 years ago. After lunch, you will fly to Chongqing to board your ship which will cruise through the night.

While on the Yangtze River, your first stop will be at the Shibaozhai Temple which was built in 1650. Tour this 12 story pavilion and temple before you return to the ship where you will once again cruise through the night.

The following day you will travel through 150 miles of the most scenic expanse of the Yangtze starting with the Three Gorges, which encompasses a series of limestone ridges. During breakfast you will cruise through the narrowest, shortest and most magnificent of the three gorges, the Qutang Gorge. After boarding a smaller boat, an excursion through the Lesser Three Gorges will allow viewing of the hanging coffins of the Ba people and the ancient plank road carved into the cliffside.

After returning to the ship for lunch, you will then experience the magnificent scenery of Wu (Witches) Gorge as you continue up the Yangtze. Tonight the ship will sail through the five-stage locks of the Three Gorges Dam. The following morning you will disembark to take a tour of the Three Gorges Dam. You will enjoy lunch and dinner aboard the ship as you cruise through the longest of the Three Gorges, the Xiling Gorge.

Upon arriving in Jingzhou, visit an elementary school sponsored by Viking River Cruises, where you will be greeted and entertained by the children. You will then return to the ship for more scenic cruising.

After breakfast, disembark in Wuhan where you will enjoy the music of ancient bronze bells while visiting the Hubei Provincial Museum. Afterwards, you will fly to Shanghai, one of the world's most significant ports and China's largest city. You will check in to your hotel before exploring what Shanghai has to offer.

Welcome to Shanghai, China’s largest city. You will be impressed in this city that is growing before your very eyes. It is friendly and vibrant with 24/7 constructions sites. The skyline is continually changing and with 1000 new vehicles hitting the road daily it is understandable why the automakers are doing so well here. Come see the juxtaposition of the old and the new in this fun Chinese city.

Tour Old Shanghai and travel along the elegant Bund, stopping to admire some of its historic buildings and city views. Visit a silk carpet workshop for a demonstration or possibly the Shanghai Museum. No matter what you do always look up and enjoy the architectural artwork that surrounds you. If time permits, make sure you see the world-famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe show and you will truly be amazed.

Most importantly - do some shopping here! If this is your last stop or your first (use shipping) getting an extra suitcase and stocking up on extra yarn and needles is a smart thing to do here since skeins of yarn and sets of needles often cost less than $1 USD, if you have any bargaining skills at all.

Post-Extension: Hong Kong & Guilin Enjoy a 1-night stay in mystical Guilin plus 2 full days and 3 nights in bustling Hong Kong on this fully escorted post-cruisetour package available after Shanghai. From the shopper’s paradise of Hong Kong to the artistic landscapes of Guilin’s Li River, you will have time to explore the landmark sights.