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12-Day ~ Baltic Knitting Cruise (Aug 2013)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


August 15, 2013


End Date:


August 27, 2013

Baltic Knitting Cruise (Aug 2013) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

12-Day Baltic Knitting Cruise w/ Merike Saarniit and Anna Zilboorg

Join Craft Cruises on our most popular knitting cruise sailing from the Netherlands to Germany, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark along with two very talented and respected knitting instructors, Merike Saarniit and Anna Zilboorg. Knitters find pure knitting bliss in this region because it is steeped in knitting tradition, is home to many leading-edge designers and has some of the most notable yarn stores in Europe. We invite you to embark on this knitting cruise where you will meet new friends, learn new knitting skills and be inspired by local designers.

Both Merike Saarniit and Anna Zilboorg are very passionate and knowledgeable about knitting and their love for it is apparent in their work and dedication to helping others find joy in knitting as well. Merike is an Estonian living in America who teaches traditional Estonian knitting techniques throughout the country and Anna Zilboorg is an Episcopalian solitary living a simple life dedicated to prayer and knitting. Anna has written many books with the two most notable being "Magnificent Mittens" and "Knitting for Anarchists."

2013 Cruise Name Knitting Cruise Highlights

  • In Copenhagen visit Sommerfuglen, the largest yarn store in the Denmark, where Bente Geil, an upcoming Danish designer will give a trunk show.

  • Shop for kits by popular Danish designers such as Marianne Isager, Vivian Hoxbro & Hanne Falkenberg at prices well below those of the US.

  • Take the train into Berlin for an independent yarn crawl.

  • Explore the treasures of St. Petersburg including the Hermitage, Church on Spilled Blood, Pushkin Palace, Catherine's Palace among others.

  • In Helsinki visit Menita, the largest yarn store in Finland.

  • Shop for 100% Finnsheep Wool dyed naturally with plants and mushrooms from Leena Riihivilla's open air stand at the waterfront market. Leena's mitten kits are wonderful!

  • In Estonia experience the coolest "Old Town" in modern Europe. Tallinn retains its medieval character while featuring some of the best design studio and art galleries in Europe.

  • Shop for locally produced knit-wear and yarn at the Estonian handwork union craft guild stores.

  • Visit Nynashamn Sweden and shop at the summer craft fairs featuring local hand-work. Enjoy a summer smorgasbord with locally sourced ingredients.