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14-Day ~ Japan & China Knitting Cruise (March 2010)

Princess Cruise Line

Start Date:


March 6, 2010


End Date:


March 20, 2010

Japan & China Knitting Cruise (March 2010) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

Join Craft Cruises™ and Lily Chin on another Far East knitting adventure. This is a fantastic itinerary balancing some of the best ports in Asia with an inspiring onboard educational program. Japan and China are a knitter's dream destination with bargains galore on luxurious yarns including the finest silk, cashmere, wools and blends including such fibers at bamboo, yak and soy among others.

Asia is the textile artist’s dream destination because it is full of colorful and masterful inspiration every step of the way.  Our first trip to Asia was so exceptional we’ll be returning again and again.  The fiber arts of knitting and weaving are flourishing in Asia.  Join us and be inspired by creative designs, new skills and brilliant techniques.  Learn about the complexity of Japanese stitch patterns, the elegance of their designs, and the Japanese love of traditional knitting.

The Japanese use a smart system for writing patterns that is both economical and efficient.  The western knitter can learn to read these patterns and have access to the exceptional wealth of Japanese knit wear designs.  Join us and learn the ins and outs of Japanese knitting techniques so you can open the doors to a whole new world of knitting ideas.

In Japan many of the yarn outlets are visually stunning with exceptional quality yarns in many luscious colors.

Avril is a store that sells Habu type yarns.  There are multiple locations in Japan:

In Japan another yarn store is Masuhisa 

March is a great time to visit too since it is springtime, the Cherry Blossoms are blooming and it is before the warmer more humid season kicks in making it exceptionally pleasant for shopping and sightseeing.

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