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22-Day ~ Antarctica & South America (Jan 2020)

Holland America Line

Start Date:


January 31, 2020


End Date:


February 22, 2020

Antarctica & South America (Jan 2020) ~ Knitting Cruises Description

22-Day South America and Antarctica Knitting Adventure
w/ Beth Brown-Reinsel


We invite you to join Beth on this knitting cruise to South America and the "White Continent." This itinerary offers spectacular scenic beauty, plenty of yarn shopping opportunities and many relaxing days at sea allowing participants time to relax, rejuvenate and learn new knitting skills.


South America is one of the world's largest producers of natural fiber, including wool and alpaca, so knitting and yarn can be found everywhere. In Buenos Aires, for example, you'll find a yarn district with numerous shops along the same street. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city where visitors enjoy people watching, fresh baked pastries at outdoor cafes or simply sharing in the excitement of watching a street tango. Some of the most succulent steaks in the world are raised on the rich grasses of the Argentinian Pampas. Visit the Falkland Islands and see sheep and penguins living cohesively at the Bluff Cove Farm and Penguin Rookery. This entire region has conditions perfect for sheep; large herds of sheep thrive on the pampas â?? a vast expanse of flat grasslands where only low vegetation grows due to the harsh Patagonian winds. Throughout the cruise there will be opportunities to spot herds of sheep, visit ranches where you can learn about sheep farming, fiber processing and the shepherds who work the land and care for the animals.


Few people get to experience Antarctica, which is one of the most exhilarating places on earth. This continent can be summed up in a single word, spectacular. On this trip you'll be visiting both the Patagonian region of South America and Antarctica where you'll find some of the most remote and scenically beautiful places on earth. You will be inspired by dramatic seascapes in one of the world's truly last wilderness frontiers. Here cruisers are exposed to rugged, natural beauty that blows Alaska out of the water. Sea life is everywhere and is visible from the ship as well as in the numerous wilderness areas home to some of the largest penguin rookeries in the world. There are 17 penguin species worldwide with only 4 living and nesting in Antarctica, where you can get up close and very personal with wildlife and view the breathtaking mountain peaks that seem to stretch on forever.


South America is home to yarn companies producing some very gorgeous yarns including Manos del Uruguay, Malabrigo and Quintessence Alpaca. Yarn is produced throughout South America and producers have found success through their color expertise while using traditional methods for dyeing. Yarn shopping and fiber activities abound on this itinerary including shopping with an English-speaking guide in the Buenos Aires yarn district, touring the dye rooms at Malabrigo, and shopping at Manos del Uruguay in Montevideo. Other highlights include visiting a sheep farm in the Falkland Islands and a fiber co-operative in Puerto Montt where local weavers, spinners and dyers host our group with demonstrations and a market of their wares. Come on this trip and you'll experience the best of Antarctica and South America in the company of knitters while learning new skills and being pampered onboard a luxury cruise ship.


22-Day South America & Antarctica Knitting Adventure - Cruise Highlights


  • Shop for yarn in the Buenos Aires yarn district where you'll be overwhelmed with block after block of yarn shops stocked with yarn from floor to ceiling

  • Learn the tango and dine on succulent Argentinian steak in Buenos Aires

  • Tour Malabrigo to see where this beautiful yarn is created and shop at factory prices

  • Learn how women have banded together to translate their knitting and spinning skills into sustainable incomes at Manos del Uruguay in Montevideo

  • Shop for Manos del Uruguay yarn and garments in Montevideo

  • Take knitting classes with expert Beth Brown-Reinsel, who is most known for her expertise in traditional knitting techniques of the 19th century

  • Dine at one of Montevideo's most popular restaurants specializing in fusion cooking

  • Shop for Malabrigo and Manos del Uruguay yarn at prices far below those found elsewhere

  • Get up close and personal with a penguin at the Bluff Cove Sheep Farm & Penguin Rookery in the Falkland Islands and shop for the unique yarns produced there

  • Enjoy unbeatable nature viewing opportunities with on-board experts and up to six days of exploring in Antarctic waters

  • Cruise around Cape Horn and through Glacier Alley and the Chilean Lake District

  • Visit Lanas Chucao in Puerto Montt, Chile and learn about dyeing yarn using native plants and weaving using traditional Mapuche methods

  • While in Santiago shop for Quintessence Alpaca and learn all about these magnificent animals at the Quintessence Alpaca Farm