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Andre de Castro

Andre de Castro

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André de Castro's primary focus is combining the Portuguese Style of Knitting with other popular knitting techniques to obtain the results he wants. Portuguese knitting involves holding the yarn, so it is strung, like the strings on a violin, around the neck for speed and efficiency.


André has combined the beautiful Portuguese-style he learned in his home country with techniques he's learned abroad, resulting in his unique style. He uses these techniques as a source of inspiration to design unique one-of-a-kind creations. André applies the efficiencies of Portuguese knitting to all types of traditional knitting techniques to make the process more effective, simple, and quick to execute.


Since 2016 André has dedicated his time designing patterns that are now becoming popular throughout the world of knitting. André, a native of Portugal, is passionate about knitting and aspires to share this unique technique and his vast skills with other knitters. André is orchestrating something exceptional to come, Lace by Music! André de Castro looks forward to seeing you in one of his knitting classes onboard his next Craft Cruise.

Education ~ Andre de Castro

André is a classical violinist who earned his Bachelor's degree in Baroque Violin in Milan, Italy. He later earned his degree in Fashion Design and Illustration in his home country of Portugal.