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Beth Brown-Reinsel

Beth Brown-Reinsel

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Beth Brown-Reinsel has been passionately teaching historic knitting workshops nationally, as well as internationally, for 30 years.  Beth loves to prowl the storage section of museums around the world to look at old knitted things for inspiration for her patterns and classes, which are well known for her tiny sampler sweater projects which teach technique within the context of a garment.  She continues to design for her own pattern line.  Beth lives in New England and enjoys winters the most.


Beth Brown-Reinsel lives in Vermont, USA and loves New England winters!

Books ~ Beth Brown-Reinsel

Beth Brown-Reinsel's book Knitting Ganseys has been deemed a classic.  The 25th anniversary edition, revised and expanded, was released in July 2018. She has completed three DVDs: Knitting Ganseys with Beth Brown-Reinsel, Color Stranded Knitting Techniques,  Sanquhar Gloves and a class on Swedish Twined Knitting. Her articles and designs have appeared in all the major magazines.