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Mary Jane Mucklestone

Mary Jane Mucklestone

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Mary Jane's twin passions--textiles and travel--developed early; by the age of 13, she had visited 26 countries! Her souvenir of choice was always a hand-made hat.

The Andes mountains offer the best hat hunting of all, with amazing knitted chullos. Not content to simply collect, she's learned the Andean knitting techniques from patient village knitters. Mary Jane loves sharing her knowledge-- specializing in lively, fun and informative classes.

She has an extensive background in art and textiles, giving her a perspective that is unique in the knitting world. She earned a BFA from Pratt Institute, studied fashion at Parson's School of Design, and Textiles at the University of Washington.

Her knitwear designs and knitting technique and travel articles have appeared in a variety of publications. Her book "200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitters Directory" was released October 2011.

Mary Jane lives in rural Maine, where a warm hat is always welcome.