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Melody MacDuffee

Melody MacDuffee

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Melody MacDuffee has been teaching crochet and jewelry making classes for several decades and has taught at several of CGOA's national and regional conferences. Melody MacDuffee was was CGOA's first official traveling instructor, which took her to Alaska, New York, Chicago, Ohio, Texas and elsewhere. Melody MacDuffee has also be involved with crochet and jewelry-making trips to Morocco has taught jewelry-making techniques in Ghana, West Africa, where she is personally involved in an ongoing project to help the people of a small town there market the products she has taught them to make.

Melody MacDuffee teaches a number of excellent classes but is best known for is Overlay Crochet, which is a technique she invented that involves working a background fabric of single crochet stitches while simultaneously “overlaying” it with long, often highly complex stitches and clusters of stitches, creating a vibrant, densely textured fabric characterized by richly varied linear, floral and geometric design elements.

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Melody MacDuffee is widely published, both in individual crochet and beading publications and in her own books (three so far, with a fourth in the works).

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