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Nancy Marchant

Nancy Marchant

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Nancy Marchant was born in America but have lived most of her life in the Netherlands (a country girl living in a big multi-national city). Nancy Marchant has taught Brioche knitting in most European countries and enjoys the cultural differences of teaching students from all nationalities. Nancy Marchant likes to meet with Craft Cruise knitters while in Amsterdam for knitting cruises. Nancy resides in Amsterdam with her two cats, Bart & Homer.


Nancy Marchant was born in Indiana but now lives and works as a graphic designer, in Amsterdam. She travels frequently to teach and to promote the Brioche stitch at large yarn shows as well as locally in Amsterdam.


Nancy Marchant first discovered brioche stitch when she moved to the Netherlands in 1976. Nancy fell in love with brioche knitting and wrote about it in US knitting magazines. Nancy Marchant enjoys connecting with knitters on knitting cruises.

BIO ~ Nancy Marchant

Nancy Marchant, a.k.a. the Queen of Brioche, was born in Indiana but now lives and works, as a graphic designer, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has written articles and designed for Vogue Knitting/Designer Knitting and Interweave Knits, as well as a number of Dutch knitting magazines, and is the author of Knitting Brioche, which is the first and only knitting book devoted exclusively to the brioche stitch. Her new book Knitting Fresh Brioche is a stitchionary of more than 80 new brioche stitch patterns.

Books ~ Nancy Marchant

Knitting Brioche (2010) and Knitting Fresh Brioche (2014)

Education ~ Nancy Marchant

Nancy Marchant has her Master of Fine Arts in Textile Art from Fiberworks, accredited through San Francisco State University, master's thesis was in shibori (Japanese resist dyeing).