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12-Day ~ Mediterranean Romance (October 2009)

Holland America Line

Mediterranean Romance

Start Date:

October 5, 2009

End Date:

October 17, 2009

Mediterranean Romance ~ Itinerary

Venice, Italy
Arrival Date: October 5, 2009
Departure Date: October 6, 2009 Departure Time: 02:00 PM

In Venice the streets are made of water, well at least most of them. The city itself is made of over a 100 island all connected. Venice is living history, the palaces, the museums, the churches and all the architecture in the city make it quite unique a city unlike any other.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia
Arrival Date: October 7, 2009 Arrival Time: 09:00 AM
Departure Date: October 7, 2009 Departure Time: 06:00 PM

Dubrovnik is a walled city, with a Venice feel but without the canals. Dubrovnik is being rebuilt, it was almost destroyed during the Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian War.

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Corfu, Greece
Arrival Date: October 8, 2009 Arrival Time: 08:00 AM
Departure Date: October 8, 2009 Departure Time: 06:00 PM

The island of Corfu is 20 miles across and 40 miles long with beautiful beaches. This island has been home to many cultures, the French, the Byzantines, the Russina, and the Venentians to name a few and you can see their influences everywhere you look. In 1865 took over Corfu.

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Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece
Arrival Date: October 9, 2009 Arrival Time: 07:00 AM
Departure Date: October 9, 2009 Departure Time: 03:00 PM

Argostoli is on the the largest Ionian Island, Cepholonia. Most of city was destroyed in the 1953 earthquake and but the historical areas could never rebuilt, though some still stand.

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Santorini, Greece
Arrival Date: October 10, 2009 Arrival Time: 12:00 PM
Departure Date: October 10, 2009 Departure Time: 11:00 PM

Santorini has jet black beaches, a volcanic crater and rugged landscapes, but what most people think of when they hear Santorini is the white building with blue domed tops.

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At Sea
Arrival Date: October 11, 2009
Departure Date: October 11, 2009

While at sea you can enjoy the vast amenities offered aboard the cruise ship. Craft Cruises holds various classes during times at sea.

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Catania, Italy
Arrival Date: October 12, 2009 Arrival Time: 06:00 AM
Departure Date: October 12, 2009 Departure Time: 03:00 PM

Sicily is separated from Italy by the sea and centuries of history. On the island are Greek temples, Roman mosaics and Norman cathedrals.

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Naples, Italy
Arrival Date: October 13, 2009 Arrival Time: 09:00 AM
Departure Date: October 13, 2009 Departure Time: 06:00 PM

The boisterous birthplace of marinara boasts churches, palazzi and museums galore. Nearby is Pompeii where meticulous excavation has bared the soul of a city frozen in time since AD 79.

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Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Arrival Date: October 14, 2009 Arrival Time: 07:00 AM
Departure Date: October 14, 2009 Departure Time: 08:00 PM

Head straight for the many treasures of Rome and the Vatican: St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and more.

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Livorno (Florence) Italy
Arrival Date: October 15, 2009 Arrival Time: 07:00 AM
Departure Date: October 15, 2009 Departure Time: 08:00 PM

Access to the best of Tuscany: Florence, with its magnificent art and architecture and elegant shopping; Pisa's Leaning Tower; and ancient Lucca.

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Barcelona, Spain
Arrival Date: October 16, 2009 Arrival Time: 05:00 PM
Departure Date: October 17, 2009

Barcelona is a lively mix of Catalan tradition and modern style. On tree-shaded Las Ramblas, the city's main thoroughfare, shop for exquisite Lladro ceramics; visit Gaudi's Church of the Holy Family; marvel at the genius of Picasso.

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