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Vladivostok, Russia


Vladivostok was long closed to Westerners and visiting gives a fascinating look into frontier life. Vladivostok is the end of the line for the famed Trans-Siberian Railrail. This is Russia's main base for their impressive Pacific fleet and is located less than 100 km east the Chinese border, and just across the Sea of Japan from the main Japanese island of Honshu. The city only recently opened in 1991.

Port Orientation

In Vladivostok your ship will dock at the Sea Terminal and the walk into town is only 10 minutes.


Walking is the best means of transportation. Taxis are available outside the main port which is about a five minute walk from the ship. Taxi drivers only speak Russian but will take either USD or local currency for payment.


In Vladivostok you can visit the monument to The Three Whales which commemorates the collaboration between Russia and the US to free whales caught in the polar ice. Or you can go to the oceanarium, the Submarine Monument, Central Square or the Scientific Historical or Fortress Museums. Shopping for lace shawls is quite popular in this port of call.