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Kobe, Japan


With a population of approximately 1.5 million people, Kobe was one of five cities Japan opened to the West after its policy of seclusion. Many world-travelers visit the East through this city, admiring the unique design of the architecture and culture. Kobe is Japan's fourth busiest container port with a long coastline bordering Osaka Bay one one end and the Rokko Mountains at the opposite end. These two geographic borders make Kobe a long and narrow city, spread wide along the coast, ready to be explored and admired. This is one of four cities in this major metropolitan area in Southern Japan consisting of Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara.

Ship Location

The ship docks at the Port of Kobe, located by the base of Mount Rokko right by the Kobe Port Tower.

Getting Around

Since Kobe is so spread out, the bet way of transportation around this port is by railway, subway, or car. The railway runs through the city on two lines, and the subway provides access to several different stations throughout the city.


Kobe provides many attractions for its visitors. A must-see is the Kobe Port Tower, a 108 meter tall tower made of red steel in Kobe. Spectacular views may be seen from the 90.28 meter high observation deck that overlooks the bay and surrounding areas. The tower is lit up at night by decorative and colorful lights, providing a unique sight near the water. And just a short distance away, tourists can enjoy Meriken Park, an area of open courtyards and grassy lawns decorated with modern art. For a more secluded, tranquil outing, Arima Onsen is a well-kept secret. Onsen means hot springs in the Japenese Language. Arima Onsen actually has two kinds of springs, a "gold spring" and a "silver spring". The two springs are nicknamed for the color of the water. The springs are easily accessible from the city yet are naturally hidden and peaceful away from the hustle and bustle.