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Eidfjord, Norway



Natural beauty and the outdoors is the main emphasis in this port. As you cruise into Eidfjord, the serenity of the surroundings encompass daily life for locals and is a popular destination for cruise ship passengers. Though this is a small village of around 1000 people, it is included in Norway's top wealthiest communities, predominantly due to the production of hydroelectric power. The largest city near Eidfjord is Bergen, though Oslo (Norway's capital) is a mere train or coach ride away. People venture from these larger cities to bask in the peaceful life Eidfjord offers. Largely populated cities are wonderfully vibrant and colorful, but once you have spent a day visiting Eidfjord, and experienced what it has to offer, you won't want to return home!

Eidfjord has a number of varying things to do; a relaxing stroll on the pier, lunch at a local restaurant enjoying fresh produce, wandering a small variety of shops, as well as the mountain actives like hiking, trekking, climbing and fishing that have taken the visiting populace by storm. For the more laid back visitor, Eidfjord offers a range of cultural and enriching experiences such as museums, art galleries and churches that are open for daily tours. Enjoy one of Europe's largest mountain plateau's which sports one of Norway's biggest glaciers. Tourists have been visiting since 1820 to view Eidfjord's spectacle of nature and spend time in one of the best known National Parks in Europe.



Ship Location


Eidfjord's single cruise port has been open since 2005, and was purpose-built. Cruise passengers who wish to explore by foot will find this easy as the port docks in the centre of town; most of the main attractions are less than 30 minutes away from Eidfjord.


Getting Around


Taxi's are always recommended for those wishing to journey further from the ships docking point. Visit the Tourist Information office located outside the pier area to arrange and pre-book taxi's, as well as collect maps of the local area.

Horse & Carriage - Experience life the old-fashioned way by taking a 30 minute horse & carriage ride through the town of Eidfjord for up to five passengers.

The Trolley Train - Whenever cruise ships dock in Eidfjord, the Trolley Train (nicknamed Troll Train) is in operation. This train offers a sightseeing tour of central Eidfjord which lasts one hour and departs the tourist information office. Enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains and fjord, as well as visiting the medieval stone church and Viking burial ground.

Sightseeing Bus Tours - There are several tours offered from the tourist information point that use a mini-bus to operate and do not use guides so grab a map before you head out!




If you enjoy watching the the natural beauty of the land, visiting the Voringfossen Waterfall is a must. When the cascading water, falling almost 600 feet into the Wild Mabo Valley below, catches the light of the sun, this whole valley comes alive. By 2020, the falls are expected to become a "National Icon" and stand as one of three in Norway. The Skytjefossen and Valurfossen Waterfalls are two equally majestic (though not as steep) waterfalls that draw out large crowds to view their splendor. Another way to experience incredible beauty is the Hardangervidda Natursenter, offering exhibits of local wildlife, presentations on Eidfjord's most popular waterfalls and dams. Focusing on environment, modern nature and climate, this center focuses on the Norwegian cultural-historical experience that will be enriching to all. There are not many people who would know that there is a small settlement called Finse at the northern edge of Hardangervidda National Park, which was home to Star Wars' ice planet Hoth. Hardangervidda National Park is the largest in Norway and stretches an impressive 1300 square miles. All year round, you will find cabins and lodges that serve hikers, fishermen and cross-country skiers, as well as herds of wild reindeer. Though you cannot sail into Norway's national park, its mountain plateau (the largest in Northern Europe) is a mix of imposing terrain and beauty as far as the eye can see.

Art lovers will delight in the superb gallery build specifically to house the unique and rare collection of Bergslien paintings dating back to the 19th Century. After walking through Nils Bergslien Art Gallery, take a break and enjoy lunch at the Hardangerviddahallen restaurant and cafe. Fresh ingredients, old traditions and a modern kitchen come together to create traditional dishes that will make your mouth water! The Sima Power Plant is another great attraction that interests many people from afar; it is a hydroelectric power station situated 2300 feet inside the mountain and is vast in size. This plant remains one of the largest in Europe and is open for visitors daily. Eidfjord offers a range of cultural experiences too such as the Old Church, dating back to 1309, and the Iron Age Burial Site, dating from 400 - 1000AD. Or, for a tastier trip to Eidfjord, visit the region known to many as the "Orchard of Fjord Norway". Meet the farmers who farm fresh local produce from four different farms such as plums, cherries, apples, pears and cider while you walk between then.