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Port Arthur, Australia

Port Arthur is a small town with only a tiny population.  As a former convict settlement on the Tasman Peninsula of Tasmania, it is one of Australia's most significant heritage sights and is considered Tasmania's top tourist attraction.  Port Arthur is known for its harsh environmental conditions, dark history and scenic beauty as well as its rich wildlife.  This beautiful bay provides a stunning backdrop for a place with a tragic history.


Ship Location - Ships do not dock here but passengers are tendered ashore.  Ships anchor in Carnarvon Bay and the tender drop-off point is within walking distance of the main historic site.


Getting Around - You can tender ashore and walk around without taking a tour since the entry fee to the Port Arthur historic site is included in your cruise fare.  Walking, hiking and traveling by tour bus or boat are the primary forms of transportation here.


Attractions - From Port Arthur you can visit the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo where you can encounter this small marsupial with a big attitude. Here you can also wander amongst kangaroos and wallabies and see quolls, golden possums, potoroo and falcons.


Another option is to visit Cape Pillar on a breathtaking experience by helicopter where you will pass high over Tasman Island and "The Blade" where the cliffs stretch more than 300 meters above the Southern Ocean. If you want an encounter with a ghost, take in the totally spooky and creepy side of Port Arthur on a walking tour with a guide who will relate tales of unexplained events from Port Arthur's past. For those who want an eco-adventure, try a behind-the-scenes tour into the secret world of wild Tasmanian devils where you will learn about their battle against extinction.


From Port Arthur you can also visit the Australian Convict Site where you will learn why prisoners were sent here and about the unimaginably harsh lives they endured. Here visitors can also take a three-hour coastal wilderness eco-cruise along the spectacular coastline between Eaglehawk Neck and Port Arthur where you will see Australia's highest sea cliffs, enter deep sea caves and join in the search for abundant sea and coastal wildlife such as seals, dolphins and sea birds. The custom-built boat used for this adventure is ideal for viewing the spectacular coastline and wildlife with covered open-air seating providing an excellent all-round view and connection with the environment. One of the highlights of the cruise is Tasman Island -- a great landmark of the Southern Ocean. The slender white lighthouse here is still used today to guide seafarers. Tasman Island is one of the few remaining places boasting such an incredibly rich variety of marine wildlife and seabirds. This results from the fact the Continental Shelf runs close to Tasman Island and an upwelling of nutrients from the ocean's depths creates a buffet for all the creatures in the complex food chain of the sea, from plankton and birdlife -- such as albatross -- to sharks, dolphins and southern right whales.


Another great option here is to take a food and wine tour. Tasmania is known throughout the world for its home-grown food culture. Experience the culture, food and landscapes that have formed over many years, combined with a stop at a lavender farm where you can shop and learn all about this fabulous herb. Sampling fresh oysters, award-winning wines, fresh baked scones with whipped cream and delicious strawberry preserves while seeing gorgeous scenery makes visiting Tasmania truly a memorable foodie paradise.


Staying in Touch - There are a few Wi-Fi sites in cafes and gift shops here but facilities are limited here.  


Fiber Places of Interest - None