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Honningsvag, Norway


If cascading waterfalls, breathtaking fjords and dense green forests invigorate you, Honningsvag is the place for you! During the summer months, tourists flock to this popular destination in order to see the incredible Midnight Sun that bathes this town, and surrounding areas, in mysterious summertime light, where the sun never sets. This alone is an great reason to visit this port, but many find interest in visiting the local fishing village that holds the title of the northernmost fishing village in the world.

Wildlife is abundant among the scarce landscape of Honningsvag; reindeers, polar bears and even Eurasian lynxes' are common sights along these shorelines. Seeing them in their natural habitat is a rare and exciting opportunity. Though Honningsvag may be small, the population grows by around 500 people during the summer (normally a mere 2,500 residents), in order to accommodate the tourist populace.

This coastal town thrives on tourism and with it's natural beauty, who wouldn't want to visit!


Ship Location

The port of Nordkapp has five piers; all of which are used by cruise ships to dock at, and downtown is less than five minutes walking. If the ports are particularly busy, cruise ships often tender passengers to the pier.


Getting Around

We always recommend passengers using local taxi's for any excursions you may wish to take. Honningsvag has a local taxi company that allows you to pre-book cars in advance, which is highly recommended during the summer months.

Northcape Taxi
Phone: +47 78 47 22 34
Address: Holmen 5, 9750 Honningsvåg, Norway

There are also public trains and buses that travel to popular destinations. You may want to check with the local Tourist Information center for current schedules and up-to-date information.



A shore excursion to see the incredible North Cape is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Set off early to capture the best views and enjoy everything that the North Cape has to offer. Ensure you pack for all weathers too- some days the weather can be an lovely 60 degrees and on others, you may suffer chilly winds so layering up is recommended. These tours don't take long to fill up so book early to avoid disappointment! The village of Skarsvag is the northernmost fishing village in the world and operates tours regularly for you to see how the locals live their daily lives. While on your tour, keep an eye open for the reindeer that migrate North in the summer. Though it may seem a little early to start your Christmas shopping, this quaint town focuses on the festive atmosphere; being surrounded by Santa's reindeer definitely helps! Inside the alluring grotto, you'll find traditional Norwegian gifts such as hand-knits, as well as other Christmas goodies that will be sure to delight everyone!

Enjoy an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) safari tour of the Mageroy Island and delight in the beauty of it's unique nature whilst heading towards impressive NATO mountain and on your return, drive by the picturesque Old Church in Honningsvag. If history interests you, the Nordkappmuseet is a fascinating attraction. This museum focuses on the Nazi German occupation during World War II and the fishing history of the local area; both key elements in the history of Honningsvag, and Norway. Cool off after an adventurous day by visiting the Artico Icebar where you'll find everything you need to relax. Wrapped up in an insulated poncho, you'll be served a non-alcoholic drink of your choice in a chilling ice glass. Look out for the beautifully intricate hand-carved ice sculptures that stand around the Icebar (you can also watch a video to see how they're created), then take a wander downstairs to see the unique European souvenirs and artwork, available for purchase in the shop.

Don't forget to check out one of the local restaurants or cafes to get a taste of the King Crab seafood that has long been considered a delicacy in this part of the world!