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Sitka, Alaska


Beautiful and unique, Sitka is located in the panhandle of Alaska on Baranof Island. Sitka has a unique history and a variety of interests which are sure to appeal to anyone visiting this former capital of Alaska. Sitka is home to Raven Frog Fibers which is known for its handspun yarn in a spectacular array of colors. Sitka is extremely picturesque from the architecture of St. Michael's Cathedral to the Russian Bishop's House which is all within walking distance.

Port Orientation

Ships will dock in the Eastern Channel of the Sitka Sound. Passengers are tendered right into the downtown area.


Sitka is easily navigated by foot. Passengers are tendered right into town and can reach almost any attraction within the towns limits. Additional ways to travel around Sitka are by bus, bicycle or car. Sitka's buses stop at various attractions and run every 30 minutes. Bike and car rentals are also available for your convenience.


Sightseeing abounds in Sitka! Sitka caters to a variety of interests from the Russian Bishop's House and the Isabel Miller's Museum for avid history buffs to art and music lovers who are sure to appreciate a greeting from Sitka's New Arcangel Dancers. In addition, Tlingit Clan House features dancers of all ages performing traditional native songs and where visitors are treated to a one on one experience in the creation of totem poles. Be sure to visit Alaska's Raptor Center which is a center that rehabilitates birds of prey.

Average Temperature

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun.   Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov Dec.
  32 34 36 40 46 51   54 55 51 45 38 33

Average High Temperature

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun.   Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov Dec.
  37.7 40.4 43.1 48 53.6 58.3   61 62.1 58.9 51.4 43.8 38.9