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Ketchikan, Alaska


Ketchikan is a unique town which is considered to be "locally owned" by the natives. It is built into its hills and tourists can navigate on the boardwalks. It is quaint and rustic with a population of approximately 7,800. It is also known as the "Salmon Capital of the World!"

Port Orientation

Ships dock right in the center of town. Occasionally, a ship may anchor and the passengers are tendered to town.


For local shopping and entertainment, visitors navigate by foot on the boardwalks. For more adventurous individuals, there is kayaking, floatplane rides, and bicycling tours. Vehicle rentals are also available.


Don't let the small population fool you! Ketchikan is a mecca of sightseeing. Museum hop from the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center which has an interactive rainforest, from there you can visit the Totem Heritage Center and then onto Tongass Historical Museum. Shopping and dining are a must. Pick up a high-end craft at the Soho Coho, buy a beautiful Indian blanket from Alaska Eagle Art Gallery or visit the local book shop called Parnassus. Sam Mcgee's A Taste of Alaska offers regionally made food such as honey and barbecue sauce and sells native ulu knives. Don't forget to pick up a hand-carved totem, Ketchikan's most popular souvenir!

Average Temperature

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  31 34 37 42 48 54   58 58 53 45 37 33

Average High Temperature

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun.   Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov Dec.
  35.8 40 43.2 49.2 56.3 61.6   65 64.9 59.7 50.5 42.3 38.2