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An Exploration of Squares and Rectangles

Instructor: Sally Melville       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Intermediate      

Description ~ An Exploration of Squares and Rectangles

Many of our knitting techniques make beautiful fabrics that are difficult to shape—the squares of modular knitting being one of these techniques. In this class, we will explore the stitch patterns and colour patterns of modular knitting to produce knitting that is easily produced but beautifully complex and highly addictive. But then the question becomes what can we do with these knitted squares? Produce rectangles? Well, yes, but what can we do with knitted rectangles? Well, it seems quite a lot. We will cover multiple possibilities in class, including whatever it takes to make a rectangle into a garment. (The trick to this, in case you wonder, is the saddle shoulder. My favourite garment shape is rectangles bordered by saddle shoulders . . . and we will cover the drafting of this in class.

Materials Needed ~ An Exploration of Squares and Rectangles

Bring lots of yarn in roughly the same weight—enough to make a garment if you feel so inclined. (This could be all in one colour or in multiple colours or in one or more variegated yarns. The important thing is that the weights are roughly the same.) Bring a variety of needles that would work with this weight of yarn—both larger and smaller than you think might work.

Homework ~ An Exploration of Squares and Rectangles