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Borders and Buttonholes

Instructor: Sally Melville       Class Capacity: 24
Class Level: Beyond beginner to advanced      

Description ~ Borders and Buttonholes

This workshop explores the best techniques for these finishings that make such a difference in our knitted garments. It covers basic maneuvers, four or more basic edging stitch patterns, and the very best buttonholes. Participants will never again struggle with instructions to "pick up and knit 137 sts along right front" nor with the question of how to make virtually invisible buttonholes..

Skills Required -Familiarity with sweater construction

Skills Covered - We we do extensive discussion of, and hands on for, edgings added to sweaters (front bands and necklines) plus the best buttonholes.

Materials Needed ~ Borders and Buttonholes

Student Supplies Needed:

  • Yarn (same weight as homework piece, contrast colour is fine)
  • Needles appropriate for ribbing for homework piece

Homework ~ Borders and Buttonholes

Use non-textured, light-coloured yarns. Worsted weight is best. Block both swatches.

Work one swatch, 4X4", in stockinette, working selvage stitches in stockinette also: change to smaller needles and finish with 1" k1p1 ri: then bind off all stitches with needles MUCH TOO LARGE. Work a second swatch as follows. Cast on 24 stitches: work 3" in stockinette. DO EXACTLY AS WRITTEN: do not slip stitches and do not work short rows. (You are shaping a round neck, in case you wonder what is going on.) At the beginning of the next RS row, bind off 6 stitches. At the beginning of the next RS row, bind off 3 stitches. At the beginning of the next RS row, bind off 2 stitches. At the beginning of the next 3 RS rows, bind off 1 stitch. Work 8 rows straight. Bind off all stitches.