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Eight Empowering Edges

Instructor: Chris Bylsma       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Intermediate      

Description ~ Eight Empowering Edges

Ribbing and garter stitch edges are usually reliable choices for edges, but not all edges are equal. Learn eight hard-working edges (and maybe a few more) that empower you as a knitter to create beautiful, professional details, provide the control needed for various edges and give you the option of making your own design decisions in a project. Add these trusted friends of mine to your bag of tricks for future projects or even to solve an existing problem.

Materials Needed ~ Eight Empowering Edges

Homework ~ Eight Empowering Edges

  • Swatch #1 Work a 6" x 6" stockinette swatch in a smooth, light-colored worsted weight yarn with appropriate needles. Bind off.
  • Swatch #2: Work a swatch similar to the first swatch for 3 inches. Bind off 6 sts at the beginning of the next right side row. Then bind off 2 sts at the same edge every right side row 3 times. Continue even until the swatch is 6 inches. Bind off. Swatch #3: Cast on 27 sts. Knit (garter) 6 rows, do not bind off or cut yarn.