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First Choices, Basic Shapes

Instructor: Sally Melville       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Anyone      

Description ~ First Choices, Basic Shapes

No matter how advanced or experienced we are, we run the risk of making a garment that looks awful. Why? We make decisions in the first 20 minutes that have everything to do with the success or failure of a project. What are those decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern, silhouette. This workshop gives diagnostic skills to look at these decisions. And it then follows with pattern drafting for the set-in sleeve--the most universally attractive style, taught and explained in this workshop so that anyone can master it! So even if you never design your own knitting, you'll have the tools to alter what you do knit to produce the best possible result.

Materials Needed ~ First Choices, Basic Shapes

Bring a tape measure.

Homework ~ First Choices, Basic Shapes