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Mobius Mysteries Untangled

Instructor: Gwen Bortner       Class Capacity: 25
Class Level: Adv Beginner/Intermediate      

Description ~ Mobius Mysteries Untangled

The Mobius has long been held as one of the unique forms in geometry, as a three-dimensional object with only one side. But create it in a simple knitted fabrics and it can becomes a beautiful project. The secret to creating a Mobius is found at the beginning of the project. Students will gain an understanding of each of the three different methods for creating this mysterious shape while at the same time gaining insights of how knitted fabric is created. A simple cowl will be started during class.

Materials Needed ~ Mobius Mysteries Untangled

100g of heavy worsted weight yarn, circular needle 36" - 42" in length in a size you would normally use with the yarn selected, shorter circular needle the same size or one size smaller. Crochet hook of similar size or larger - optional

Homework ~ Mobius Mysteries Untangled