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Flam, (Gudvangen) Norway


Flam, Norway, which means little place with steep mountains, is nestled on the second longest fjord in the world, and is one of the most beautiful of the Norwegian ports year-round boasting snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, rivers and scenic farms. Travelers prefer Flam in the summer because of the beauty of the dramatic fjords and all the outdoor activities. A day trip up the Fjord will afford travelers to visit the newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Flam has some of the best salmon fishing on the Flam River and now is the fourth largest cruise port in Norway. In the summer, thousands of Norwegians visit Flam to experience a breathtaking cycling route, some traveling by train over one of the world's most picturesque rail trips. Of course, don't forget to stroll around the Flam Station and shop for souvenirs or enjoy one of the five microbrews produced at the Aegir Brewery.

Port Orientation

Expect a short walk to access just about everything from the Flam port. The Fretheim Hotel is a few minutes away from the Pier by foot as are shops selling pewter beer mugs, knitted sweaters, Roros Tween blankets and many other handcrafted gifts. Be sure to try the locally caught salmon at one of the many fine restaurants!


You can rent a car or a bicycle, hike the local trails or utilize public transportation.


Flam has often been referred to as a tiny Norwegian Disneyland with a steep railway full of twists and turns and through 20 mountain tunnels and will surely appeal to those Polar Express fans. A wood platform 2,000 feet above the water at the Aurland Fjord lookout will surely get your blood running as will a 13 mile hike in Aurland Valley or a 2.5 mile bike tour along the scenic fjord to Otternes. One of the most stave churches left in Norway is deserving of the trip through a 24 mile long tunnel which is the world's longest tunnel. Finish off the day in Undredal to enjoy some goat cheese made the old fashioned way.

Average Temperature

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Average High Temperature

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Average Precipitation

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