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Tauranga (Rotorua), New Zealand


Sadly, cruise travelers usually do not have enough time to visit all three destinations in one port call. Most choose to either stay in the neighboring Tauranga and Mount Maunganui or take the long shore excursion to the Rotorua area. Rotorua, known as 'Sulpher City' is one of the most visited spots on the North Island, despite its eggy odour, millions flock to see the 30m high geothermal geyser every year. Mount Maunganui is often just called ‘the Mount’, or Mauao, which translates as ‘caught by the light of day’. It’s considered part of greater Tauranga. Wether you are looking for a relaxing soak in the hot springs of Rotorua, or looking to catch some sun on the beaches of Mount Maunganui, or just strolling the streets and emerging yourself in the local culture of Tauranga. You are sure to find everything you were looking for and more at this picturesque port of call.

Ship Location

Ships dock at Salisbury Wharf at the Port of Tauranga, which is actually in the town of Mount Maunganui.

Getting Around

All of Mount Maunganui's attractions are within a 10-minute walk of the port. There is a helpful i-SITE tourist office just 150 feet or so from the dock where visitors can pick up information, book tours or be directed to a nearby bus to Tauranga's center. Taxis are available at the i-SITE office at the port, but if you are just heading into Tauranga, the city bus will be your best option. If you are going to Rotorua, a taxi or shore excursion will best accommodate your needs.


There are many walking trails that journey around and venture up to Mount Maunganui. The summit walk takes about an hour and gets pretty steep near the top. The Mauao Base Track will take a little less time and wanders along the water and through groves of pohutukawa trees. Sandy and wide Mount Beach is within walking distance of the Mount Maunganui port. There's a variety of water sports options, lessons and rentals that range from surfing to paddleboarding and kiteboarding. If you would like to learn more about the local culture Tauranga Art Gallery displays permanent historic and contemporary New Zealand art, along with changing local and visiting exhibitions. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the near by port take a Taxi to Rotorua. Visiting here will leave you feeling like you stepped into an alien planet, one of the Earths natural wonders; a unique and dynamic geothermal expanse complete with exploding mud pools, sky high geysers and steaming hot springs. Beware the sulphur rich area can aggravate those sensitive to smell. The natural warm springs are said to cleanse the body of toxins and leave your skin feeling radiant and healthy. Despite its initial 'eggy' odor Rotorua is one of the most touristed spots on the North Island. Be sure to check out the Roturua Museum, which occupies a grand Tudor-style edifice. It was originally an elegant spa retreat called the Bath House (1908). The museum displays the former shower rooms and gives you a fascinating insight into some of the eccentric therapies once practiced here, including 'electric baths'.