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Travel Insurance

Travelex Travel Insurance

Why buy travel insurance?

Travelers purchase insurance for two important reasons; to protect their investment in the trip and to protect themselves in the event of a medical or dental emergency while traveling. If you can afford losing the money invested and have adequate coverage for medical expenses (including hospitalization and medical transportation) you may opt to decline travel insurance. Craft Cruises® highly recommends insurance for many reasons including the two listed here but also for trip delay and baggage coverage. We encourage anyone who is unsure about their travel insurance needs to discuss it with us so we can answer any questions you may have.

Information needed to activate your policy:

  • Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Travel Dates:
  • Trip Cost
  • Date of initial deposit:

Coverage Level

Please note that if you are unsure of you total trip cost or travel dates include what you know and adjust it later when your plans are firm. Locking in travel insurance within 21 days of making the initial deposit is important so pre-existing conditions are included in the coverage. Pre-existing conditions are conditions that exist at the time you book that could prevent you from traveling. These conditions may affect you, your traveling companion, a business partner or an immediate family member not traveling with you.

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